Back in October 2019, we had the opportunity of working with Aurora Armoury and providing major renovations to the area. Aurora Armoury visualized something that would work with their large and beautiful trees, but also wanted to provide a hard surface for pedestrian traffic. After getting in touch with them, our team got to work and installed Porous Pave to a space of 4,000 square feet. After installing, the Armoury now had a large patio that not only looked beautiful but worked well around their large trees while providing a durable and flexible surface for guests to mingle during special events held at the newly renovated Armoury.

Aurora Armoury Striped Porous Surface

With 4,000 square feet of Porous Pave installed, about 1,200 tires were saved from the landfill. Furthermore, because Porous Pave consists partly of recycled rubber tires, it gives durability and flexibility to withstand freeze-thaw cycles without cracking or breaking the slip resistant material.

Every application of Porous Pave makes a conscious step in storm water management. The entire surface area is porous allowing for 5,800-6,300 gallons of water per hour to pass through each square foot of surface area.

Striped Coloured Porous Pave at Aurora Armoury

In addition to Aurora Armoury’s large contribution to reducing storm water run-off, they did so in style as they decided on stripes as their custom design alternating with black and grey. 2 inches of Porous Pave XL was used for this project. All the grey stripes were formed and installed first, followed by installing the black stripes after the grey ones cured.

Completion of this project was a great accomplishment on behalf of Porous Pave. We’re so happy to have had a successful installation in the city of Aurora, Ontario.