Golf Courses

Porous Pave provides exactly what Golf Course Operations are seeking. Low maintenance, hard-wearing, environmentally - friendly surfacing material, for high-traffic use.

Porous Pave Sand Guard Bunker Liner

Providing an Eco-friendly solution for tough drainage applications. Using Porous Pave XLB, Sand Guard forms one continuous, consistent rubber-rock permeable surface. It seals bunker floors to keep sand clean, stabilizes the sand, and holds it in place on bunker slopes. Download pdf of Bunker Liner System Detail

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As a Porous Pave solution, Sand Guard offers important advantages. It is a homogenous material that establishes a solid, uniform liner with consistent thickness and strength, not just a thin coating sprayed over the top of loose gravel.

John Harvey, ASGCA, ASLA
A. John Harvey Golf Course Design
Long Valley, New Jersey

Solid & Seamless

One continuous, consistent rubber/rock paved surface
Seals bunker floors, keeps sand clean and stable

Fast & Easy Installation

Mixed on-site
Applied 1″ thick directly on bunker floors
Conforms to bunker shapes and slopes
Cures fast – ready for sand in 24 hours

Critical Advantages

More permeable than other non-geotextile liners ­– drains faster, keeps bunkers playable
Solid surface with uniform thickness and strength – not just a thin spray over loose gravel
Installed directly over bunker floors – no added sub base
Made with Porous Pave XLB for proven performance

Highly Permeable

Allows water to quickly percolate down to drainage pipes
Eliminates puddles, prevents washouts

Durable & Flexible

Rubber content expands and contracts to withstand high heat and freeze/thaw cycles
Resists cracking
15 – 20 year life expectancy

Environmentally Friendly

Made with rubber from recycled tires
Encapsulated rubber, no harmful leaching

golf course porous pathway


Porous Pave can be applied over existing concrete, asphalt and wood; making removal of old surfacing not necessary. Installation also only requires small machinery. We make it easy to get on all areas of your course.

We offer the opportunity for colour block parking zones, valet areas, inlay; parking numbers, crests, and more.