Porous Pave is a hard-wearing, highly permeable & porous surfacing material. It works perfectly for Parking Lot Drainage

Our current product is great for parking lot drainage strips. We are working with the University of Waterloo to create a new product for entire commercial parking lots. Click here for more info

Low maintenance, slip resistant, and resistant to UV Rays, muriatic acid, gasoline, diesel, motor oil, transmission fluid, hydraulic fluid, and other hostile materials that destroy the looks, and function of traditional surfacing materials.

Porous Pave can be applied over existing concrete, asphalt and wood; making removal of old surfacing not necessary.

Our Inspired by Nature, Designer Colour Collection, offers the opportunity to colour block parking zones, valet areas, inlay; building numbers, crests, and more.


Porous Pave in Canada

We started Porous Pave in Canada because we knew there was a better way. We weren’t happy that our asphalt driveway was full of cracks, and concrete seemed to cause more drainage. Learn More...