Porous Pave Gives Big Curbside Appeal.

Driveways become elegant, modern and aesthetically pleasing to the eye.

Stratford Porous Pave Driveway

  Porous Pave surfacing materials are low maintenance, durable, highly permeable & porous, slip resistant and resistant to everyday hostile materials found in most home garages; gasoline, diesel, transmission fluid, hydraulic fluid, salt water & more.

Porous Pave looks great for years to come with its resistance to UV Rays. It can be applied in temperatures between 5 – 32ºC and generally cures in 24 hours.

It can be installed as a new driveway or over existing concrete over existing concrete, asphalt and wood. No need for removal of previous surface, saving money and downtime.

Porous Pave was made for Canadian winters. Snow, ice, extreme cold and constant freeze/thaw are not an issue for Porous Pave. Both the recycled tire fragments and the proprietary binder remain flexible even under extremely cold conditions. This means your Porous Pave will not crack or develop potholes under extreme temperature changes and retains its strength even over multiple freeze/thaw cycles acting like one big expansion joint. Ice & snow can be removed safely with any shovel, snowblower or plow. See Maintenance Details.

3 Year Warranty…

Driveway Installation
Porous Driveway London
Porous Driveway in Mitchell Ontario
Porous Driveway London
Black Porous Driveway Wellesley
Waterloo Porous Driveway
Stratford Green Porous Driveway
Stratford Driveway Black
Multiple Colour Driveway

Available in Multiple Colours for your Driveway

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Porous Pave in Canada

We started Porous Pave in Canada because we knew there was a better way. We weren’t happy that our asphalt driveway was full of cracks, and concrete seemed to cause more drainage. Learn More...