Sidewalks & Pathways

Porous Pave is permeable, durable, flexible, hard-wearing, low maintenance surfacing material, that is ideal for sidewalk installation projects

Porous Pave can be applied over existing concrete, asphalt and wood; making removal of old surfacing not necessary. A 4-man installation crew can install 3,000 square feet per day.

A Slip Resistant - ADA compliant (ASTM - D-2047) porous material - which lessens the chance of accidents. It's tested at SLSP (1312) - material components, were below groundwater maximum contaminant levels.

Porous Pave sidewalks border well with sand, water, grass, natural stone, plants, trees, shrubs, cedar chips and more!


Whiting Forest of Dow Gardens, Michigan

A Porous Pave pathway of 20,000 square feet was installed to replace a mulch path.

Porous Pave provided additional benefits. “During installation, it was easy to make the material conform to the many curves of the path and to press it right up against the canopy walk decking and limestone walls, forming seamless edges between the surfaces,” he said., After the Midland, Mich. area received its first snowfall of the season in early November, facility maintenance workers used a power brush to push the snow off the path. Residual melted water permeated down into the Porous Pave rather than freezing and forming ice on the surface. “The path was so clean and dry, I was asked if the surface is heated.” Read more...