Water Features

Porous Pave™ is highly permeable and porous allowing large volumes of water through every square inch. This diminishes water runoff by allowing water to soak through into the ground

Porous Pave also reduces the need for separate retention areas; increasing usable square footage. Porous Pave is environmentally friendly, slip resistant and resistant to; salt water, chlorine, gasoline, diesel, ozone, UV Rays, muriatic acid and other hostile materials.

With designer colours and custom blend mix options available, you can add another dimension to water feature designs with borders, inlays, crests, and more, using contrasting colours.

Porous Pave in Canada

We started Porous Pave in Canada because we knew there was a better way. We weren’t happy that our asphalt driveway was full of cracks, and concrete seemed to cause more drainage. Learn More...