Research & Testing

Porous Pave has had numerous tests performed by independent, certified labs, including:

  • SPLP (1312) – all material components were below groundwater maximum contaminant levels
  • Permeability test – approximately 6,312 gallons ofwater per hour, per square foot
  • Porosity test – up to 27-29% void space
  • Critical fall test
  • Compression test
  • ’NFPA fire rating – Class ‘C’
  • ASTM D-2047 Slip resistant test
  • ASTM D-4798 Accelerated weather
  • ASTM C-666B Freeze/thaw durability

LEED Qualifications

Porous Pave can qualify for several different categories of LEED points depending on the application. Different areas where LEED points could be earned through the use of Porous Pave:

  • Sustainable Sites: Storm Water Design, Quantity Control
  • Innovation and Design Process: Innovation in Design
  • Materials and Resources: Recycled Content, Regional Materials